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Posted by: Asmasando On: Wed Nov 30, 02:05 PM (My FeedBack) (My Auctions)
I wanted to order another personalized calender for a friend using pics from her facebook. Kindly advise. I will select the required number of pics, its for Xmas present.

Posted by: Asmasando On: Wed Mar 09, 11:28 AM (My FeedBack) (My Auctions)
The user named " Mother" won the bid that was closed but has not contacted the seller yet. How long should we wait till he/she responds to his bid.

Posted by: Asmasando On: Thu Feb 17, 04:01 PM (My FeedBack) (My Auctions)
How do I get payment by PayPal coz it requires Felixs email address. Can a buyer in Zimbabwe pay by using PayPal? Can you assist on the method and how I can receive my money in USA. I am a registered PayPal user but not sure of the sender. 
Anthony Masando

Posted by: Acquilina On: Wed Jul 14, 04:30 PM (My FeedBack) (My Auctions)
To give and not to count the cost Dyson. Thank you for helping on this occasion. 
Want to know if you are sending cars home?

Posted by: Acquilina On: Mon Jul 12, 07:04 AM (My FeedBack) (My Auctions)
I was looking for the book BABIES AND YOUNG CHILDREN BOOK2 WORK AND CARE. Thanks to Zimbay. I could not get it anyway else.

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